Intelligent Art Studio | the Angel Lucy Wellness Project
About the Angel Lucy Wellness Project:
This Project was created in honor and memory of a friendly, caring, and incredibly generous woman, Lucy Santos, who left us too soon, in October of 2005, due to cancer. She always took the time to help another human being in need!

There are no paid employees involved in this Project. The Project's staff is assembled from Lucy's inner circle of friends and volunteers. Working together under the guidance and leadership of Mario Santos (Lucy's husband and the Project's Director & Coordinator) these individuals voluntarily contribute their time and talents, making it possible to bring to life the Project's mission, thus continuing Lucy's legacy of helping another human being in need.
The Angel Lucy Wellness Project is supported primarily by Santronics Inc. Santronics pays for Project-related expenses such as the cost of printing and mailing educational material. Santronics also organizes, promotes, and subsidizes project-related educational events such as luncheons and seminars. Voluntary donations from the general public and the business community have also been gratefuly accepted. If you have been a supporter---THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. If you or someone you know would like to become a supporter in anyway, we hope you will join the growing number of people helping us make this project a success. for more information please go to